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Hello English School | Free Literature
Free Literature
We distribute a number of free materials amongst our students. If you would like copies of any of the books listed below, please contact us.
Manga Bible Series
A favourite with all are the Manga series, which consists of five volumes of excellent Japanese Manga giving an overview of the Bible.

Messiah - The life of Jesus Christ from Christmas to Easter.

Metamorphosis - The story of how the church was born and grew after Jesus Christ returned to Heaven.

Mutiny - The beginning of the Old Testament of the Bible: from the creation of the world to the story of Moses.

Melech - Continuing The Old Testament: from the story of Joshua to the life of King David.

Messengers - The end of the Old Testament of the Bible: from King Solomon to the prophets (God's messengers) who announced the coming of the Messiah.

Manga Messiah
Book of Hope
The Book of Hope is available in two versions for different ages. Kimi no Book of Hope is the younger children's edition, full of Bible fun and puzzles for all who can read Hiragana. Book of Hope is available for older boys and girls. It includes the life of Jesus Christ in English and Japanese, and articles on fashion and relationships. A must for all young teens.
Book of Hope
Gideon New Testament
We have two versions of the New Testament in English and Japanese given to us free of charge by the Gideon Bible Society to distribute freely.
Gideon New Testament