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Hello English School | About Us
Who we are
Hello English School is a Christian missionary English school. We seek to make English learning fun and accessible to all. We are affiliated with Japan Christian Link and for a full statement of our faith in English, see below.

Almost from the start of Hello English School, we have been influenced by David Paul and David English House. We use their materials, attend their training days and seek to emulate their professionalism. We have joined their newly created Equality group, an organisation promoting the highest standards of professionalism amongst English language schools in Japan. We agree to abide by their professional and ethical code of conduct.

Kobato Hoikuen morning class Nogi afternoon class
Monday morning 'Koga Carpenters' class Mita Yochien afternoon class Megumi Yochien afternoon class
Mission Statement
At Hello English School, we believe in one perfect, living God who created us all and the universe we live in. God gave mankind the choice of whether or not to follow Him, but people everywhere have chosen to live without Him. Such a lifestyle is what the Bible calls 'sin'. After death, we must all stand before God and answer for our sins, for which we deserve God's punishment. However, because God loves us, He wants us all to come back to him and does not want us to suffer. He sent his Son Jesus Christ, fully man yet fully God, to live amongst us and lead a perfect, sinless life. God, out of His love for us, sent Jesus Christ to die for us in our place, taking the punishment we deserve. However, Jesus conquered death by rising from the grave, and returned to join his Father in Heaven.

If we believe in Jesus and what he did, accept that he took our punishment for us and choose to live for Him, we too can join Him in eternal life in Heaven after our earthly bodies die. Because this applies to everybody, this Good News should be proclaimed to everybody. As followers of Jesus Christ, it is our goal at Hello English School to pass on The Good News to every individual we meet through our work teaching English in Japan.

To read a more detailed explanation of the Christian faith, click here.

Our Goals

1) To bring glory to the one and only true living God who made Heaven and Earth.

2) To make known His Son, Jesus Christ, who died for the sins of the world.

3) To build His church in Japan and amongst Japanese people wherever.

How we meet these goals:

1) By teaching English as excellently as we can, by meeting the professional standards promoted by Equality.

2) By making friends with as many students and other Japanese nationals as we can.

3) By giving out as much free Christian literature as we can.

4) By inviting many of our friends and students to church, English Bible study, Bible Club and Bible Camp.

5) By bringing as many Christians to serve God in Japan as we can so that more Japanese people can hear about Jesus.

6) By giving our friends and students advice on where to live and study in the UK, and connecting them with churches.

Elementary school class Joe and Miyuki Morien at Suginoko